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Film & Cinematography Mastery Bundle:

Film & Cinematography Mastery Online Course Bundle - DEALawy

Video Production Bootcamp

Cover Shooting Techniques, Editing, Marketing & More in This Wall-to-Wall Bootcamp

Whether you’re filming on a point-and-shoot, DSLR, or just your smartphone, you can start shooting professional videos with the expert techniques inside this comprehensive bootcamp. This training takes a wall-to-wall look at all things video production—from generating great video ideas to distributing them to your audience. Jump in, and you’ll learn from downloadable guides and case studies that break down real-world film projects. You’ll take a look at ideal equipment to buy, techniques for getting better shots, and much more as you make your way through the training.

  • Access 13 sections & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to create professional videos w/ the equipment you already have
  • Explore making your own videos from conception & production to editing and posting online
  • Access downloadable guides to help you w/ every section
  • Dive into recording better audio w/ a variety of microphones
  • Learn how to set up basic video lights, including using natural lighting for your videos
  • Familiarize yourself w/ video editing


Film & Cinematography Mastery Online Course Bundle - DEALawy

Cinematography Master Class: Start Shooting Better Video Now

Shoot Better Video with Techniques & Insight from a Professional Hollywood Cinematographer

Led by a professional Hollywood cinematographer, this master class is designed to teach you industry techniques that Hollywood filmmakers use to capture powerful images. Regardless of the device you’re shooting on, you’ll discover tips and techniques you can use to shoot better video and make a living in this field. You’ll take on the basics of cinematography, like choosing the right camera, ISO, frame rate, shutter speed, f-stop/aperture, and lens options; and broaden your understanding of camera movement, working with a production team, and even finding work when you’re on the hunt.

  • Access 10 sections & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Explore different styles of exposure for commercial, TV & narrative filmmaking
  • Learn about camera movement w/ tripods, steadicam systems, drones & more
  • Dive into lighting your video shots w/ different styles & lighting kits
  • Understand how to work with the producer, director, camera team, grip & other departments on a film set
  • Get tips on finding work as a cinematographer/videographer


Film & Cinematography Mastery Online Course Bundle - DEALawy

Filmmaking: Write, Direct & Distribute Your Feature Film

Get Your Feature Film off the Ground with Expert Insight on Screenwriting, Casting & More

Get all of the training you need to write, direct, and distribute your first feature film with this wall-to-wall course. Led by a veteran screenwriter, director, producer, and editor of multiple feature films, this course walks you through every step of the filmmaking process—from writing a screenplay to picking the right distribution method. What’s more, this course even comes with bonus materials including sample spreadsheets, contracts, and additional resources you can leverage when you start making your own feature film!

  • Access 9 sections of content 24/7
  • Learn how to write a screenplay
  • Walk through scheduling & organizing an entire film production
  • Discover how to raise funds for making a movie
  • Explore tips for find a cast, locations, costumes & props
  • Learn how to film your movie using lighting & camera angles that tell the story
  • Understand the basics of film editing
  • Learn how to choose the right distribution options for releasing your movie



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